I started watching Tony Bourdain’s final season of PARTS UNKNOWN. There are alternating thoughts: I should save episodes and take my time or I should watch it all at once and get it over with. I ended up watching straight through until the behind the scenes episode, the second to last episode. The very last episode is Tony in New York, which is perfect. So I’m saving it.

I’m sure I saw his television show A COOK’S TOUR first, and then I read both of his books, and that’s how I fell in love. The way he writes about food is the way I think about food. It is essential, important. Cooking is what makes us human.

I watch through every single one of his television experiments. I even watched the sitcom starring Bradley Cooper as Jack Bourdain. With PARTS UNKNOWN on CNN, Tony finally found his home. He found the place that would support him making the kind of television he wanted to make.

I hate that he’s gone and that he won’t make anymore.