Because I’ve been reading more, I’ve been watching TV less. But because I have a PVR, my shows keep being recorded, so now I have a backlog of television to watch. Sunday feels like a good day to do that.

Today, I finished watching season 20 of MIDSOMER MURDERS. You might remember that I watched all previous 19 seasons in a row this summer while I had Netflix.

I grew up watching British television, mostly comedies when I was a kid, but I always loved the mysteries too. My parents read Agatha Christie and PD James. My introduction to Edward Gorey was the animated introduction to PBS MYSTERY. British television is my comfort food. I return here when I want to put my world back in order.

On LAW & ORDER, sometimes the detectives will catch the bad guy, but the lawyers I cannot get a conviction. This is an important part of American television. Sometimes, you don’t win. You can’t win. But that isn’t how it goes on British television. Not on something like a MIDSOMER MURDERS. I watch this show because they always get the bad guy. It’s usually a needlessly convoluted path, but they get there in the end. I need to know that closure is still possible.