1. I finished WILDWOOD this morning. If you like The Decemberists’s songs, you’ll like this book. It’s exactly what I expected it to be. I’m going to try writing a middle grade book soon, and this will be helpful research.

  2. Because I didn’t work today, Mom picked me up after school, and I drove around my neighbourhood for an hour. (That sounds like a 16-year-old sentence.) I discovered the pain of being too close to the pedals; my ankle still aches from the angle.

  3. During my 2-hour layover in Portland, I bought some Voodoo Doughnuts to bring home. I know the locals think they’re sub-par, and I know I can get doughnuts at home, but Voodoo is a uniquely Portland experience. And now I have doughnuts for dessert every day this week.

  4. If you know anything about the McElroy brothers, you might know their fondness for the word “boy”. Here are two good supercuts: every ‘boy’ in MBMBAM and every ‘boy’ in Griffin’s Nuzlocke Run.