In August, when I did my daily project, I still had an iPhone 5. And yet, I made everything on that tiny screen, in Pages, with my thumbs.

We always had computers in my house growing up. I got my first laptop—my first computer that was only mine—as a high school graduation present. My current laptop is a 2011 MacBook Air, and over the last few years, I’ve avoided using it. I still don’t know exactly why.

I just prefer to do a thing on my phone. I’m more likely to do it if I can do it on my phone. Every ePub I’ve posted over the last month: made on my phone, start to finish.

This weekend, I’m taking the bus to Eugene, OR, and back for the Euzine comic and zine fest. It’s a long trip, and I was considering bringing my laptop to do some work, maybe even some writing for a NaNo project. But if I don’t do it on my laptop here at home, why would I do it on a bus?

Some of us born in the early ‘80s feel caught between Generation X and Millennials. This feels like a very clear divide. If you reach first for your computer (especially one with a mouse), you’re Gen X. If you reach first for your phone, you’re a Millennial, like me.