When I updated to iOS 12, I set my screen time limit to 6 hours a day. Slowly, I’ve reduced that limit until this weekend when I turned it down to 2 hours. There are a few apps which get caught up in that number, but it’s really just a limit on Twitter.

I deleted the app last year, but that did nothing to curb my addiction. I don’t use that word lightly. I thought increasing the friction would prevent me from checking. It didn’t. I still read Twitter in the browser. I still manual type in usernames to read tweets that make me sad and angry. I’ve made it as hard as I can, but I still can’t stop.

Yesterday, I hit my 2 hour limit early, but managed to stay away, to find something else to do. Today, I knew I wouldn’t have the same success. This week was always going to suck. I don’t know what else I can do but watch.

At least I can be here for my friends, even from far away. That’s why I loved Twitter in the first place, 12 years ago now. It wasn’t supposed to end up like this.