When I took a shower this morning, the water pooled around my feet instead of draining. I got out before it breached the top edge and figured a hair ball was slowing the flow of water.

But a few hours later, as I got ready to leave, my bathroom and mud room was flooded. There was dirt on my shower floor, so obviously something was backed up and coming in from outside. I mopped up what I could, then left for work when I knew someone from upstairs was coming to check in.

There was a plumber snaking the drain from the street when I got home. Our pipes are cracked and sinking into the ground, causing the water to pool and the dirt to get inside.

This is going to be a much bigger job than just pulling hair out of the drain. My bathroom is still a mess tonight, and the dehumidifier in my shower will be running all night. I have no clean towels left.

But the water didn’t get farther than the entrance room. We’ll get this fixed soon. I’m so grateful to have landlords who take care of me.