In two weeks, I’m travelling back to Oregon, this time to Eugene for Euzine. while at XOXO, I met someone on the organising committee who told me I should apply. I didn’t think I could afford it (I’m still not sure I can), but in the spirit of Just Do The Damn Thing, I’m going.

But for the last month, I’ve been procrastinating on printing zines to sell. Today, I figured out why. When I started making zines in my computer, in 2014, the best and cheapest way I could do book layout was a free program called Scribus and an online imposition uploader. When I tried to make a new zine the same way this weekend, nothing worked right. Rather than update the Flash plugin, I decided to find a better way to do this.

It took a lot of experimenting and a lot of paper, but I can now make half-page zines straight from OpenOffice. Here’s how:

  1. Create a letter size document in portrait.

  2. Mirror the page format, and add extra to the inner margin for when you fold and staple.

  3. Remember, two pages will be printed on each side of the paper, so make everything bigger than you want it in the final product.

  4. Books should have a page count in a multiple of 4.

  5. In the Print menu, choose Brochure.

  6. If your printer does duplex, print a test to make sure the orientation of both sides match. If it does not, choose Short-side Binding in the Print > Layout menu.

  7. Print, fold, staple, trim!