This story is brand new. I wrote it last year, but it has never been published.

Yesterday was spent in bed, this cold stubbornly hanging on and dragging me down. With nothing much to do, I made this book on my phone. I can’t get over how easy it’s become to make ideas into reality.

Last July, I saw Harry Styles play Rogers Arena. On the bus ride home, I watched two teenage girls, friends sitting together, but both working separately on their phones. I watched over their shoulders as they previewed, trimmed, adjusted, and edited their video and photos from the show. They were making their memories of Harry into something to share with each other for feedback and then with everyone else on the internet.

The tools and technology have changed from when I was their age. I dreamed about publishing, but I didn’t know how without an agent, a contract, and the kinds of machines I saw in factories.

Here is a tiny, porny story for you to read, from my phone to yours. It’s called Goddess, and it’s about a young woman’s first time with another woman.