I never read one book at a time. Specifically, I like to have a few different genres on the go at once for different moods. The H.D. biography I’m currently reading is a thick hardcover, so it rarely leaves my house.

On my phone, I have a dozen poetry collections downloaded from Project Gutenberg. H.D. was an Imagist, a school of poetry started by Ezra Pound (her college boyfriend), which included William Carlos Williams, Amy Lowell, and H.D.’s husband, Richard Aldington. When I read non-fiction, I like to read related works.

This group of writers published a number of anthologies in the late 1910s. As I read through the poems, I was struck how many I liked were written by women. Amy Lowell, in particular, with her prose poems, no line breaks. When I read, I’m always searching for that visceral moment when I recognise my work in someone else’s.

She called her work “polyphonic prose.” I call mine “blog posts.”