Early this week, I woke up craving pie. I didn’t know then Thanksgiving was this weekend.

Since I stopped trick-or-treating around 14, Hallowe’en doesn’t impress me much. In the past, I’ve explained my indifference because I don’t care for monsters or the supernatural or the goth aesthetic. I also live in a basement apartment, so I don’t get the fun of greeting kids in costumes.

But now I wonder if it’s because Thanksgiving is my second favourite holiday (behind Christmas), and as the Canadian celebration comes in October, it can sometimes be overshadowed by Hallowe’en. I understand why; Hallowe’en is more fun.

All my favourite holidays are about eating. Hallowe’en is about candy, which ranks it with Valentine’s Day in my mind. Thanksgiving is about a feast. The eating often stretches over multiple days. As soon as you start prep, Thanksgiving has begun.

Today, my mom and I have made cranberry sauce, pie dough, blueberry pie filling, red cabbage (“purple food” in the family vernacular), as well as banana bread, because the bananas needed to be used.

Tomorrow, we’ll peel, chop, season, mash, and roast. Then we’ll feast. And I’ll finally get my pie.