Lately, I haven’t been interested in working on my laptop. I just don’t enjoy it like I did once upon a time. Like I did my first year after high school, when I received my first laptop, an IBM Thinkpad, as a graduation gift from my parents and grandparents. We had had the internet in our house for a few years then, and I was still limited by the physical phone line (and the four other people in my family), but this computer was all mine.

This was less than 20 years ago (19, to be exact), but the computing world has moved forward so far and so fast that I can achieve much more on my iPhone than that ThinkPad. That ThinkPad taught me about writing on the internet. This iPhone is already teaching me new things about publishing.

I’ve been thinking about and planning my next project, but I haven’t actually done anything about it yet. About 1pm today, I remembered I was starting work an hour later than usual. “I should make a thing,” I told myself, and then I did.

I found a story I wrote for an anthology last year (it was rejected), copy-and-pasted it from Notes, made a cover with an ‪unsplash‬ photo, created the book in Pages, uploaded to ‪‬itch.io‬. All on my phone.

This is how I made a PDF every day in August. This is how I get things done.

You can buy my brand new short story for a $1+ right now.