The sun has returned, I started a new round of pills, and I’m back to work after the weekend. I like when schedules line up like that. Symmetry is beautiful.

The Tuesday puzzle in my daily NYT crossword calendar contains just 8 letters: AEGHIRST. Currently, I’m stuck in the bottom right corner because I just realised “Bit of mind reading, briefly?” can’t be ESP.

I’m reading the H.D. bio I bought at Powell’s in Portland. It’s a 400 page hardback, so not exactly portable. In Books, I have a few Imagist poetry anthologies from Project Gutenberg. For a literary movement from the Edwardian era, there are a surprising number of female writers included. It’s spurred me on to start a book list for 2019’s reading project.

Last night, after listening to Hozier’s new single with Mavis Staples, “Nina Cried Power,” I watched the video for “Take Me To Church.” This morning, YouTube put the same video into my feed as a recommendation. Perhaps the internet isn’t as smart as we wish it was.

But it also recommended “Frontier Psychiatrist” by The Avalanches, an artifact of early Weird Internet which I hadn’t thought about in years. The video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds longs. Beautiful symmetry.