My iPhone 5 is now two software updates behind, and things are starting to break. There are things I can’t do anymore, and a new phone has finally become necessary. I was waiting for the XR—the new “cheap” phone—but in Canadian dollars, it’s not so cheap. None of them are anymore.

I bought an 8 Plus yesterday and spent the afternoon playing with all the new features. Coming from iOS 10, a lot is new. A new phone is also a chance to make some new habits.

I didn’t download Subway Surfers. I put Books in the dock (and finished two H.D. poetry collections). I made myself a Shortcut for blogging.

Blog Note creates an Apple Note, populated with the Markdown headers for a Jekyll blog post. The current date is added in the header and file name. I can start writing my draft anytime I have an idea, edit the post, then copy and paste the parts into GitHub.

I started today’s post this morning, still in bed, when I realised I can share this Shortcut with you.