Walking home in the drizzling rain (the kind of rain when I can’t quite decide if it’s worth the umbrella or not), I ran through the calculations in my head again. If I work the same schedule next week, will I make enough for October rent? It’s close enough that I’m not sure. Maybe I can finally sell my too big dining table and chairs that’s been on Craigslist all summer.

The rain finally stopped by the time I arrived home. An envelope was stuck between my screendoor and the jamb. A long handwritten letter from Megan would be the perfect way to start this weekend, except I know she’s sending a package this time. When I turned the envelope over, I spotted the government logo. This is my sales tax credit: a bit of money every quarter for those with a low income. This is how socialism is supposed to work: the people who make a lot help the people who make a little.

This is how serendipity makes life grand: exactly the $136 I need at just the right time.