I want to write here every day. I think it’ll be helpful. I know it will help me. For someone so fiercely independent and determined to be original, I crave structure in my life and art. If there are no boundaries, I’ll create my own: word counts, deadlines, rhythms of life.

I love a blog. I’ve had many in the 20 years I’ve been online. Blogspot, Livejournal, Wordpress, Tumblr, even hand-coded HTML. I start and stop and continue, and though the archives may no longer be public, I save every word.

There’s power in writing, then putting it out there. I worry less about being perfect. I’ll just fix my typos when I catch them. You know what I’m trying to say. We know what we’re trying to do.

A blog isn’t a masterpiece. It’s the piece in progress. It’s the process. It’s everything between the lines, and if I can let a few more people into that part of my life I hold so close, maybe that part of my life will grow a little bigger. I’d like that.