WHAT I LEARNED IN AUGUST by someone, who made and posted something every day.

  1. I am a conceptual artist.
  2. I still know how to do this.
  3. But I can’t do it every day forever.
  4. Maybe don’t pick a 31 day month next time.
  5. Deadlines are necessary.
  6. Public accountability works.
  7. Just enough is good enough.
  8. Procrastination expands to fill the allotted time.
  9. PDFs are what I wish I could do with webpages.
  10. Pulling all nighters is for kids.
  11. I like making on iOS, regardless of the size of the screen.
  12. I do good work lying in bed in the dark.
  13. I want to keep going.
  14. But I know I need a break.
  15. I miss paper.
  16. I will never run out of ideas.
  17. Rules are what you make them.
  18. Stats don’t matter.
  19. Neither does money.
  20. Though a little more of both would be nice.