How to start a business

  1. Decide at a young age that you want to be a writer.
  2. Refuse to consider other career options.
  3. Freak out in grade 12 when you realise you’ll never make money as a writer.
  4. Go to college with no idea what to study.
  5. Take every course that sounds interesting.
  6. Face the fact that being a writer means working more than one job.
  7. Slowly work your way to graduation.
  8. Pretend you’re OK when your credits aren’t good enough for an English degree.
  9. Learn to embrace General Studies.
  10. Flounder.
  11. Run away to a new city on the other side of the country. 12.Come home because you’re still the same person wherever you are.
  12. Spend two years unemployed.
  13. Spend the next four years underemployed.
  14. Keep returning to the same ideas you’ve been holding onto since you were a kid.
  15. Stop being afraid of yourself.
  16. Read a few more self-help books.
  17. Write a business plan for a new thing a lot like the old thing.
  18. Keep your day job.
  19. Jump.