What I did on my summer vacation

flew to LA, roadtripped to Palm Springs, swam every morning, didn’t sign up for a timeshare, drove through Joshua Tree National Park, drank Tiki drinks, watched the World Cup, lost my credit card, didn’t get a sunburn, had dinner with old friends, visited Disneyland, rode Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, ate the best corn dog, ate my favourite fish tacos, said goodbye too soon, saw Harry Styles shake his sequinned ass off, was eaten by mosquitoes, watched too much Hawaii 5-O, taught a few classes (but not nearly enough to pay my rent), visited my grandparents, ate corn on the cob and potato salad, tried to quit coffee, adjusted my meds, started lifting weights, swam as much as possible, listened to a lot of MBMBaM, cancelled Netflix, sold my iPad, couldn’t sell my dining table and chairs, read all the Anne of Green Gables books, daydreamed about living in the mountains, watched construction crews tear up my city, heard Seth Rogen doing SkyTrain announcements now?!, finished most of the NYT crosswords each week, practiced ukulele, planned for Hawaii next year, missed tennis on TV, escaped the heat in various malls around the Lower Mainland, checked Twitter too much and email not enough, ate a lot of oatmeal, drank free root beer from A&W, worried about the USA, wrote letters and postcards to friends, started a project to make and post something every day in August, and made it halfway there so far.

Crossing my fingers I make it to September