How to draw a tree🌲

Each player needs a piece of paper (the bigger, the better) and something to draw with. On your paper, draw the trunk of a tree, but no branches.

Five standard dice can be shared by the group. Each player’s turn consists of three rolls. The objective is to collect as many dice of the same number, setting aside those that match and re-rolling the rest.

Before the game begins, assign the numbers 1-6 a part of a tree. Example: 1) branches, 2) birds, 3) apples, 4) roots, 5) leaves. After rolling the dice three times, add up the matching dice. Four 2s = 8 birds. Draw those birds on your tree. But you should probably draw some branches first!

The game ends when all players have completed their trees with all six components. Share your drawings.

You can download this game here with a printable tree template.