✈ HUNT Make a list of things you might expect to see. Examples: pink suitcase, sports team, dog in carrier. Your objective is to find everything on the list.

✈ LINGO Choose a seat in the international terminal. Listen closely. Score a point for every language you hear. Bonus points for translations.

✈ TALL TALES Watch the people around you. Give them names. Pick their destination. Create tiny stories about their lives. Continue until departure.

✈ SOUVENIRS Walk through the retail centre. Choose souvenirs for your friends. Bonus challenge: pick a dollar limit.

✈ GALLERY Wander. Find the local art exhibited in the terminal. Stay with it before reading the description. If you have internet access, learn more about the artist.

✈ ADVENTURE Find the departure information board. Pick a flight. Imagine what you will do, eat, see while you are there. Pick again.

✈ PLANESPOTTING Find the best view of the runways. Score one point for each unique plane you spot. Same airline, but different sizes or branding count for extra.

✈ FOUND Wander. Write down words you see. Examples: signs, screens, T-shirts. Find a spot to write. Rearrange these words into lines of poetry.