It’s pretty obvious there’s room for everyone in Harry’s crowd. But I also believe there’s room for everyone in country music.

Kacey Musgraves, opening for Harry Styles.

The last time I saw Harry live, he was still 1/4 of One Direction. Now he has to carry the whole show on his own. The hair is 2013. The outfit is 2016. He came titties out. The voice is trashed. But he did it, and I’m so proud.

In the earliest days of 1D, when they only had the one song and the covers they sang on THE X-FACTOR, a big part of the show was just the boys having fun. They would answer Twitter questions. They would read the signs the fans were holding. And this continued, even as they add more songs to the setlist, though there wasn’t always time to do a lot.

Now that Harry is starting over–“It means a lot to me that you come out. I do only have ten songs”–he went back to the old favourites. He brought up the lights. He read the signs the fans were holding: “Your sign is upside down. There you go.”

He checked in on the dads in the crowd: “How are you, sir? Having a good time?” He even spotted one sleeping: “Wake up! There’s only four more songs!”

The last time I saw Harry live, he wore a white t-shirt and blue jeans. This time:

I’m leaving a trail of sequins all over the place. I do apologize for the mess. I’m not gonna pretend this is comfortable. It’s scratchy, it’s hot, my nipple keeps falling out. I thought, I’m in Canada, I should dress up. Put on the old sequins, dance around a bit.

Maybe even more than the show, it was amazing watching the teen girls on their phones on the bus ride home. They’re editing entire movies and flipping between numerous social apps to post discrete pieces in each place, knowing exactly what needs to go where. I took notes in the Notes app on my phone, but wrote more thoughts and feelings in my notebook.

A generation apart, but we were both in the stadium for the same thing.