They didn’t let me go. Maybe they knew they couldn’t because I needed them.


As soon as we learned Gord Downie was sick, I hoped they’d be filming this tour. Nobody called it the last, but we all knew it would be. And when he died, CTV even moved the TV premiere date up. They knew the country needed this. Gord’s smile, telling us how he got to say “I love you” to Bobby Orr–Canada needed that moment of pure happiness

I tweeted during their televised Kingston concert last summer, so it felt right to tweet this documentary, too. These are the moments when Twitter is so good, when I remember the potential I saw in it all those years ago. One of the first quotes I tweeted was from Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada and Hip groupie:

It’s as close an articulation of the undefinable about our country as anything else could be.

Even more than hockey or “I’m sorry,” The Tragically Hip brings us together. (Apologies to Mr. Trudeau for tweeting at him all night–the new UI is confusing, and I didn’t realise he was still tagged.)

How lucky this band is that they had the chance to write their own ending. All bands will end–whether by sales, by fights, by death. Not many get to do it they way they want.

Rob Baker was the most skeptical about this tour. He says flat out that he didn’t think any of them would make it, not just Gord. He describes bands “like hot air balloons…you’re gonna come crashing down.” The Tragically Hip landed their balloon safely.