Voyager 1 left Earth in 1977, and today, it flies farther than anything else we have sent into space. We may not live to meet the beings beyond our solar system, but Voyager carries our message: 116 pictures, 90 minutes of music, the sounds of Earth, and greetings in 55 languages, carved into the grooves of a golden record.

Today, 40 years later, technology has changed, and we can send much more. You have been tasked with choosing the greetings from Earth in 2017. This game will help you make a new golden record.

Each player needs something to write with (pens) and something to write on (index cards). Before the game, players make the cards. On one side of each card, write the details of a piece of art, music, video, science, literature, cultural artifact you want included on this new golden record. Be as wild and creative as you like. (It’s amazing what we can fit on a microchip these days.) The best games will have a wide variety and large number of cards.

The one card you must include in the deck is Launch! When this card is played, the game stops, the record is full, and the rocket must be launched. No more cards can be played.

The deck is shuffled, and each player is dealt 7 cards. A bowl in the centre of the table can be used to collect the cards to be included on the golden record.

The player who most recently visited a planetarium goes first.

On each turn, add cards from your hand to the collection in the centre of the table. Cards of the same type (ex. 2 songs; 3 paintings) may be added at the same time. Draw cards from the deck to refill your hand. Play continues clockwise until a player draws the Launch! card. It must be played immediately.

After launch, players take turns pulling a card from the collection and sharing it with the group. Description and performance is encouraged to tell the story of Earth’s new golden record.

At the end of the game, share the cards among your friends to take home and create their own decks. Make new cards the next time you play.

A single-player version: each day, make a new card to add to the collection. On September 5th, the anniversary of Voyager 1’s launch, to read through all the cards.