It’s hot. It’s not supposed to be this hot in July in the Lower Mainland. Vancouver is known for its temperate weather. Never too cold in the winter; never too hot in the summer. Yes, it snows here. And in that second half of August, we usually get one good week of really hot sun. I looked forward to that week all year long. It was the time for the beach, the pool, the water park.

This year, it’s barely July, and I am already tired of the heat. This isn’t normal weather, and it hasn’t been normal for years now. It’s hard to sleep. I don’t want to go hiking. Our planet is dying, and all I want is ice coffee and ice cream.

Tomorrow, I have a day off. Because I teach kids, a lot of them go away during the summer, and I have fewer classes. Tomorrow will be the first day in my parents’s pool. I don’t care how cold it is. I’m jumping straight in.