It’s the 20 year anniversary of sorting ourselves into Hogwarts houses. I still haven’t read all the books (or seen all the movies), but I’ve always been pretty sure I’m a Ravenclaw. Turns out I’m right. The quiz told me so. Human beings love names for things. We are pattern-seeking creatures, and when we can’t find them, we make them up.

I put the Twitter app back on my iPad a few days ago. It’s a tacit admission that I’m reading Twitter anyway, so I might as well make it easy. I added more people and a few bots, which lead me to @sortingbot. All you have to do is follow, and the bot sorts you, with a clever little rhyming couplet.

As I was reading through Darius Kazemi’s post about how he wrote the code to make the rhymes, I switched back to Twitter to check if I had been sorted yet. (This app was a mistake.)

Of course it was Ravenclaw. When the world is telling you something, you need to listen.

Go back to Kazemi’s post. Scroll to the bottom. All the way.

“But how does it sort followers????

Oh right. That. The actual sorting part is totally random.”

You need to listen, even if the world is totally random.