Today was decidedly not tiny yoga. Today was my alma mater’s celebration of International Day of Yoga, and while I’m glad I went, it was four hours on a mat. I really earned that savasana.

But then I drank my juice box and ate my fig bars, and it was such a nice day (27C!), I didn’t want to waste it. I walked from W49th to Marine Drive via the Ontario greenway. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many Vancouver Specials.

Out in the suburbs, every new house is a fake Craftsman or a fake West Coast Modern. It’s a lot of flat roofs (so dumb in a rainforest) and a lot of pointy gables. Downtown, they build condos because there’s no space for anything more, and we have a lot of people who need somewhere to live.

But there’s a lot of Vancouver history still standing on Ontario Street. I didn’t know this Vancouver still existed. We’ve always been a city quick to demolish and start again. I had almost given up hope that any of our messy past was still here.