“I find myself thinking a lot about what will change about my life when Twitter inevitably collapses. For nearly ten years, it’s been where I’ve made and maintained friendships, found writers I admired, and learned from people (especially black women) wiser than myself. I both love it and hate it. The steady drip of feelings and news is a kind of mind-altering toxic drug, but the ability to filter events through the lens of people whose experiences are different than my own is something I’m not sure I’ll ever replicate elsewhere. I find myself mourning Twitter while simultaneously anticipating its demise.”

Mandy Brown’s newsletter is one of my favourites. She recently returned from an extended hiatus (we all seem to be taking hiatuses since November) and wrote this lament for Twitter that hit me hard. I’ve been thinking a lot of these exact same thoughts.

For me, I was on Twitter in December 2006, and though I had been online and making friends since 2002 (Blogspot to AIM to Livejournal to Tumblr), I couldn’t convince anyone to join me on Twitter. It wasn’t until the celebrities joined that anyone believed me it was gonna be fun. And it was. Until it wasn’t.

I’m trying to take another hiatus from Twitter. I haven’t looked at my timeline since yesterday. Most of the people I follow live in the US, and the steady stream of news coming out of that country is more than I can bear.

I don’t know where we’re going to end up. But I know that I’m done giving myself over to websites who want to sell ads against my words. I own this space right here. This is where you’ll find me after the collapse.