There’s probably a good chance that you’re not going to write a life-changing hit song right now, and that stops us from creating.</blockquote> I needed to hear this about how to write bad songs from Dave Monks, who plays in Tokyo Police Club. This advice is not limited to songwriting. It’s so important to let yourself write badly, draw badly, dance badly. Just do the thing. If it’s not good, the next time will be better.

But sometimes it is good! And you can’t know that when it’s still stuck in your head. You have to get it out, any way possible.

The weekend (or whenever your day off) is the best for this. It’s the time of least pressure, when you can do your own thing, at your own time. Challenge yourself. Find a notebook with empty pages and a brand-new marker, and fill one page. One color, one page. Make marks. Lines, circles, letters. Then do it again. Maybe pick a different color.

When you remove the pressure to make everything into A THING, you’ll find a lot more things are possible.