After a pretty bad morning of getting out of bed at the absolute last minute, skipping breakfast, hiking up the hill in the rain, only to get to therapy and find out it had been cancelled, I found $10 on the sidewalk. Sometimes the world is looking out for you.

With some time to kill before work, I stopped at the dollar store and spent five dollars on a few things to make me happy. I bought a package of those eraser caps that go on the ends of pencils. I’m writing with pencils these days because I have dozens of them and because pens are so much more expensive (at least the ones I like). I bought a rubber ball (“Hi-Bounce Pinky”), the kind you throw against the wall and catch when it comes back at you. I bought two cans of Play-Doh (pink and blue).

All of my students have fidget spinners now. (I’ve been looking, but they’re not in the dollar store yet.) Today in class, a grade 2 boy explained how he doesn’t bottle flip anymore because it’s too 2016. Fidget spinners are 2017.

Play-Doh is the 1950s, but I loved it in the 1980s, and it’s still on sale today. It’s not a trend, and it’s not a memory. It’s right here in my hand. And it makes me so happy to feel it squeeze through my fingers.