When you have too many different places to write, sometimes you don’t write at all. I bought some new notebooks last month–a 10 pack of steno pads. I should finish the first one tomorrow, which is two weeks instead of the one month I usually aim for. So I’ve been writing a lot with paper and pencil instead of on my laptop, in Scrivener, or in this text field where I can post it online. It doesn’t matter much to me where the words go just as long as I get them down, just as long as I get them out of my head.

But I’m trying to build a habit here. I think it’s important to blog, especially as a writer. It’s important to get into the habit of sharing your work. Even if you’re not sure it’s good. Especially if you’re not sure if it’s good.

This blog posts might not be the best blog post, in fact, I’m pretty sure it’s not. But it won’t be at the top of the page for very long. I have the chance to make something better tomorrow.