1. It’s been a weird spring, weather wise. I have a quilted hooded sweatshirt that I stole from my mom that is proving to be the perfect spring jacket. Some days I wear it with a quilted vest on top (the platonic PNW uniform). I always have my North Face packable rain jacket for when the weather changes for the worse. Short or long-sleeved layers underneath if there’s sun or clouds in the sky. Layers are essential here, and I’ve pretty much got my spring wardrobe set.

  2. I used to love messenger and cross-body bags, but I’ve been using my MEC backpack as my daily since last summer. It means I always have an umbrella, my notebook, pencil case, but also room for snacks, water bottle, even a few groceries on my way home from work. But this week, I’ve noticed a lot more tension in my neck and shoulders. I’m worried I’m carrying too much every day. So I’ve been doing slow neck circles, matching movement and breath, stretching wherever I happen to be. It’s only technically yoga, but the smallest step back into my practice feels huge.

  3. On Tuesday, I stopped at Nature’s Fare on my way home from work. Because many of their products are local, handmade, organic, natural, they don’t last as long as processed food. If you go before closing, you can find stuff marked down more than half-off for quick sale. I bought some grass-fed chocolate milk and locally-made kefir, then mixed them and made ice cream when I got home.

  4. On Wednesday, a day off, I visited my grandparents. They’re moving at the end of the month, after 40 years in their current house. I saw them on Sunday, too, and brought home a couple of bags of frozen vegetables and fruit from the summer, as well as half a dozen vegetables and herbs in pots. Wednesday, I brought home containers of rice, pasta, and flour. Their new house is smaller (though not by much), but mostly it’s just easier for them if they don’t have to move all this stuff. I’m going to miss my grandma’s garden this summer, but all I have to do is open my freezer to find a reminder of last year’s harvest.