I was gonna write a post about how I couldn’t write today, but I’m watching curling while I’m blogging. Ben Hebert of Team Koe is the class clown of the curling tour. He hosts a feature called The Sheet Show every Grand Slam. At this weekend’s Champions Cup, he asked the curlers to read some mean tweets. I lol’d.

I love watching sports for the stories, not the numbers. I have favourites and home teams, but curling is different. I fell in love watching the Olympics, which means my home team changes every four years. (One of the hardest tournaments to win in sports is the Canadian Olympic curling trials. No team has ever won it twice.)

The regular curling season is a handful of events with a handful of the same teams. It feels smaller than other professional sports. But that smallness gets you closer to ice level. It feels more intimate than other professional sports. It feels more real. The Sheet Show feels like a kid making fun of his brothers and sisters, instead of a reporter trying to get a laugh. And curling feels like a bunch of friends playing a game down at the rink.