I made a video! As promised yesterday, I’m testing all week. Trying to figure out the best angle in my basement apartment so the light doesn’t wash me out. Unfortunately, it seems that angle is not against my wall of art, but I guess my wall of bookcases is good, too. Now I just have to rearrange all my books so I look smart.

I even tested all three pairs of my glasses to see if one glares less than the others. No luck. I spent extra on one pair for the anti-blue coating, the stuff that’s supposed to help with staring all day at electronic screens, but I didn’t like the way it made the whole world yellow, like I was living in the Mad Max filter or something. I don’t wear those glasses as often as I should.

This video isn’t a vlog. It’s a time lapse of me writing my morning pages at my desk. I’m a piler, so using my desk always means clearing off my desk first. I have got to start using it for writing more regularly. I do everything on my couch. The far left spot is my home base. That’s why I like to get out and write at Starbucks a few times a week. I need to push out of where I’m comfortable to find something new.

This is a tiny video, but it’s out of where I’m comfortable. It’s a first little step towards something new.