1. Finally found the new Rolling Stone with Harry Styles’s face on the cover. It’s been forever since I bought a magazine. $8! This is the price I pay for something beautiful to put up on my wall.

  2. Speaking of the wall above my desk, it’s the perfect background for a vlog. I want to do an almost daily video, something short, personal, just talking about what I’m doing and what I’m working on. The working title is Still Life, and I spent seven minutes just describing all the pieces of art hanging on the wall behind me, like I was sitting in an actual still life. Funny how things come together.

  3. I recorded in QuickTime with my MacBook Air, and the audio was terrible. Today, I spent half an hour doing tests with my iPhone 5. The audio seems better, but I couldn’t get the lighting right. And the glare on my glasses bugs me.

  4. My plan is to record tests all this week, figure out post-production, maybe a title template. I want to make this as easy as possible so I can actually do it most days. I need to figure out the routine, then I plan to go live May 1st.

  5. It’s always nice to start a new project when the calendar turns over. May 1st is also the end of THE ARTIST’S WAY for me. This is week 12, the last week. Julia Cameron writes a lot about moments of serendipity, and I absolutely experienced that. I think I’m pretty good at paying attention to the world, but sometimes things just line up in wonderful ways.

  6. I started THE ARTIST’S WAY because I was curious, but also because I’ve been stuck this past year. This May marks one year since I stopped making a zine a week. By the end, I couldn’t see the point in continuing. Nobody cares about your thing except you, and I had stopped caring. I honestly tried to quit art. I’ve been doing this putting stuff on the internet thing for 20 years now, and where has it got me?

  7. But Julia Cameron was right. There is an artist in all of us. If we acknowledge it, take care of it, indulge it a little, maybe something amazing will happen. I wrote fiction again for the first time in what feels like forever. I’m excited about writing romance again, even submitted my story to an anthology. I shot a lot of video during my hike on Saturday, and I made the first draft of a video essay. And I want to do this daily vlog.

  8. I want to make something beautiful you can put up on your wall.