I bought a selfie stick the other day. I found one that folds up, only $10 at my grocery store. I had been looking at reviews online, comparing prices at Amazon, thinking about picking one up when the night market starts for the summer, but sometimes the thing you’re looking for just falls into your shopping basket. It’s pink. It’s small enough to carry in my backpack every day.

I probably should’ve checked the weather before I left this morning because it rained, but it wasn’t so bad. That’s why I also carry an umbrella. I definitely should’ve checked my phone before I left because I got home with 1% battery. I’ve been shooting a lot more video lately. I’m going to start a video blog, but I won’t make a promise when. I did a test with my laptop and QuickTime, and I love how it looks (with my wall of art as background), but the audio was terrible. I don’t have a mic.

I went hiking in Coquitlam today, putting together more pieces of the Trans Canada Trail. I’ve hiked as far as I can go towards Abbotsford before the bus routes disappear, and I’ve hiked all around downtown without boarding the SeaBus. Two more days, and I’ll connect the two sections through Burnaby Mountain. Then I can continue across the water to North Vancouver.

I have a lot of video of the trail now, and I’m really not sure what to do with it. Shooting is easy; editing is hard. It’s the same with writing, except I’ve been doing that forever. That we can make movies on our phones and show them to the world still feels like magic to me.