Now that we’re getting a bit more regular sun, I’ve dug out my seed sprouter. Technically, you don’t need sun to grow sprouts; that’s one of the benefits. But I wasn’t growing and eating them through the winter. I should’ve been, but they feel more like a spring and summer veg.

Last year, I grew mostly mung beans. This year, I have a mystery mix of alfalfa, clover, and beans. So, this week, I’ve eaten:

  1. two slices of thick country bread, fried on a cast iron griddle with oil, salt, pepper, sprouts sandwiched in between
  2. two eggs, seasoned and beaten, cooked into a thin omelette, folded around a bunch of sprouts
  3. penne pasta tossed with lemon, sprouts, and panko sautéed in oil
  4. quinoa cooked in leftover ginger pumpkin soup and sprouts for garnish

Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for literal pennies, grown on my kitchen counter in a space smaller than my slow cooker. Even if you don’t have a seed sprouter like mine, you can do the same with a big glass jar, a bit of cheesecloth, and a rubber band. Just water the seeds every day, drain them well, and wait. It doesn’t take long.