After I pulled the cord for the next stop, the woman sitting next to me asked, “You’re getting off here? I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone get off here.”

We were on the Lougheed Highway, and I was getting off at the last stop before the Pitt River Bridge. The bus stop is literally on the side of the highway. It feels unsafe. You have to climb over a concrete barrier to get to the trail.

I explained that you can walk along the river here, but today I was walking over the bridge.

“Because it’s on your bucket list?” she asked.

“Not exactly. It’s part of the Trans Canada Trail,” I explained.

“Oh,” she said. “For 150.”

Not exactly. I started hiking the Trans Canada Trail with purpose last year, which was only Canada’s 149th birthday. It’s a thing I’m doing–a project–and whether I finish the Lower Mainland trails this year or the next, it’s OK. There’s no deadline in my mind.

The trail isn’t going anywhere.