1. I didn’t mean to, but I stayed up late to hear Harry Styles’s first solo single, and goddamn, it’s good. Granted, I don’t listen to top 40 radio these days, but Sign of the Times sounds like nothing else right now. My first thought was Bowie, but then I caught John Lennon’s Mind Games on the retro music video channel. It makes sense that Harry’s first solo song would sound like post-Beatles Beatles (a little bit of all four).

  2. This afternoon, I watched the bronze medal game of the women’s world hockey championship. Finland beat Germany 8-0, which is the kind of score you expect from women’s hockey. But Finland beat Canada this year for the very first time ever, and 4th is Germany’s best finish. The game is growing.

  3. And then I watched the gold medal game after work.  It’s something of a comfort to know Canada v. USA will always be stressful. It can go either way any day with those two teams. Canada won the last Olympic gold in Sochi in 2014, but we haven’t won Worlds since 2012. Canada didn’t win today, either, but they took the US to overtime. They made them work for it. They made my heart pay for it.

  4. Nobody hates each other like Team Canada and Team USA. But it’s more sibling rivalry than arch nemeses. Because when Team USA wins, at their home rink, after literally fighting for their right to play, at a time when their country needs good news, Canada can only be happy for them.

  5. So now I’m watching Canada beat Sweden at the men’s world curling championship. Last month, the women’s team went undefeated to gold. The men’s team plays for gold on Sunday, and they haven’t dropped a game yet. Maybe curling has used up all Canada’s good luck.

  6. My faucet came off in my hand while I was doing dishes tonight, sending a geyser of water all over the counter, so I could use a little of that luck right now.