What I’ve been working on this week is importing 750words.com entries into this blog. If you’re not familiar, 750words is based on Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages idea. Three pages of writing first thing in the morning. I discovered the website in 2010 and kept up the habit (off and on) until 2015. By then I was back to keeping a regular paper notebook, and I realised I didn’t need a half dozen different places to write stuff down. I gave up on 750words and DayOne at the same time. But I still do Morning Pages in my notebook.

As long as stuff is getting written down somewhere, that’s what matters to me. So far, right now, my 750words entries on this blog are private. The beauty of the exercise is that it’s private. The goal is to write whatever is on your mind, and a lot of the time, that’s whining, complaining, moaning, and groaning. That’s a lot easier to write when you know no one will read it. But once you get the whining out of the way,  the good stuff comes out.

There’s a lot of good stuff that started in my 750words entries. The essay about Björk. The characters in HOME TEAM/AWAY GAME. I can ramble aloud and work stuff out, with the hope it’ll become something public (maybe even something you can read). That didn’t happen as often as I had anticipated, but as I look back through the entries now, I see how the same ideas come up again and again. How I was refining my voice in private. Now I’m ready to let some of it out for everyone else to see.