1. Joel Plaskett has a new album called Solidarity. He made it with his dad, Bill Plaskett.
  2. I was at the last show Joel and his dad played at the Vogue, too.
  3. The show started with four men on stage: Joel on guitar, his dad playing a mandolin, and the opening act, Mayhemingways, one on drums, the other playing bass, banjo, accordian. After a few songs, the drummer left. Then the other guy. Then Joel said goodbye to his dad, and left alone on the stage with his guitar, he played a few requests.
  4. “Fashionable People” may not be the first song you think of for an acoustic version, but we turned up the falsetto and made it work.
  5. Joel tells the best stories on any stage, fitting pieces of trivia between the lyrics, over the music. He told us about the time during the La De Da tour that he got a call in Vancouver to open last minute for Keith Urban. He sold one CD.
  6. Then Joel told us about his maybe-haunted studio and finding a dead dragonfly, which is now mounted in a clear cassette case on the wall. Which led into the song from the dragonfly’s POV. The song starts soft, and when it gets loud, the lights come up, and the whole band is back on stage.
  7. Somehow Joel always knows exactly the songs we need to hear.

Solidarity / We stand in solidarity / We’re weary but we’re ready / Pushing boulders up the hill / Let them have their towers / The next blue sky is ours / We’re in this fight to win / And we will