So, I’ve been watching a lot of music videos lately. Mostly the Retro channel, but Loud had some good new stuff that I wouldn’t have heard elsewhere. (I listen to a lot less new music than I did a decade ago. It’s weird.) Because Loud is a 24 hour cable channel, with no commercial breaks, the videos repeated, like they were on shuffle rather than a loop. Over the last two weeks, I saw Sixx: A.M.’s “We will not go quietly” a lot, and it grew on me.

Sixx: A.M. is one of Nikki Sixx’s bands. He was also the bass player in Mötley Crüe (and primary songwriter, which I didn’t know). He makes the kind of music that I think I don’t like. I don’t hate heavy metal, but it’s never been my thing. Still, there are songs by heavy metal bands I enjoy.

I enjoy this song by Sixx: A.M. It’s super simple and catchy, it’s not at all my “thing,” but I never changed the channel when it came on. It’s a protest song for our new world. It’s a reminder that you can find your “thing” anywhere.