Five days left in March, and I have a lot of pages to fill in my notebook. So many pages, in fact, that I haven’t even counted them. I usually do that once I get into the last week of a month. Ever since I made the goal to fill a book a month, I’m always aware of how many pages are left.

It’s not about whether or not I can do it. I know I can. It’s about what is it going to take. I wrote my three morning pages. I made a note of the Cubs season opener. (Weird moment seeing the commercial during curling when I wondered how David Ross can be on Dancing with the Stars if baseball season starts next week, and then I was sad when I remembered he’s retired.)

Today is a spring cleaning day rather than a hiking day or a writing day. It’s a shame, because the weather is actually nice, where “nice” means “cold, but not raining.” But my parents are on their way home from vacation, which means I have to clean up their house before I go home. Monday brings the end of spring break and the return of most of my students. Back to the routine, and back to writing at Starbucks. Gotta fill those pages.