Because of spring break and most of my students going on vacation, I’ve had Tuesday and Wednesday off these two weeks. My parents are on vacation, too, so I’m house- and cat-sitting. Last week was also my first free week after finishing the yoga teacher program (more on that soon!) so I used that as an excuse to stay at home, eat out of my mom’s fridge, and be lazy, making up a six-month free time debt.

This week, though, I was determined to get out on my days off and do something. Today, it rained again, but that was OK because my grandma called for help getting their house ready for when they move in May. They’ve spent more than 40 years in that house. It’s always impossible to leave my grandma’s house empty-handed, but now that she’s sorting through 40 years worth of crap, it’s even harder. I came home with two boxes and one big shopping bag.

Tomorrow, though, is all for me. Regardless of the weather, I’m going downtown, I’m going to the Vancouver Art Gallery, and I’m going to visit the Emily Carrs.