I’m already in bed, but I just remembered that I was going to blog tonight. Today, March 20th, is the equinox, which I’m taking as a sign to start something. I sent out my first newsletter, I renamed this blog, and I’m writing this post. It’s officially spring. Let’s embrace the new day.

Equal day and night, which means, from here on out, our days will be getting longer. Finally, we’re coming out of the worst winter I can remember here in the Lower Mainland. I’ve been wearing my east coast parka more than ever. The snow has been amazing and tiring. I’m ready for it all to be over. The crocuses began popping up last month, but now I’m ready for the magnolias and cherry blossoms to bloom.

I love our seasons here in BC. It gets cold, and it gets hot, but not too cold, not too hot, or at least, not for too long. It’s something to look forward to–that week in late August when the temperature tips 30C, and the pool in my parents’s backyard is the only place to be. The rest of the days are just nice, perfectly temperate. But I’m afraid this winter is a sign of extremes to come.

Last year, I was hiking on January 2nd. This year, March 19th was my first long hike of the year. I started the Ridge Meadows section of the Trans Canada Trail on November 11th, but only finished it yesterday. It was raining when I started out, but the sun was shining (and I was regretting not packing my sunglasses) by the time I headed home. 25 years ago, when the Trans Canada Trail was started, you could catch the Albion ferry to cross the Fraser River to Fort Langley and continue hiking. But when they built the Golden Ears Bridge, they shut down the ferry. My only option was to walk back up to the highway and catch a bus.

It’s sad to see the terminal now, still there, but surrounded by a chain link fence. I have a lot of great memories of that ferry. It was a tiny barge, just a few minutes across the river, but when we were kids, it was an adventure to start our camping trips. As we march towards summer and those longer days, I’m thinking about recreating more adventures from my childhood, before they’re all gone.