In week four of The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron asks you to give up reading. To be honest, I’ve been looking forward to this. I quit Twitter last summer because I wanted to focus on creating instead of consuming. But I’ve fallen into some bad habits lately. I’m still reading books, but I’m also looking at the Internet too much. More than I want to be. I’ve been using television as a distraction. So I’m using this week as an excuse to do a media blackout.

No Internet no television no music no reading. I plan to go to work, write at Starbucks, get outside as much as the weather allows, do yoga, meditate, just be. If I like it, I might even go to the end of March. I’ve been reading Emily Carr since December, and I want to write a book. The 72nd anniversary of her death is in March, but a more likely deadline is June, halfway through the year. If I can write a book for June, then a book for December, that’ll feel like a good year