The Book of Small by Emily Carr

“Middle, hugging a doll, and Small, hugging a kitten.” (29)

“If I don’t join a circus and ride a white horse through hoops of fire, I may marry a farmer, if he has plenty of creatures. That is, I wouldn’t marry just a vegetable man.” (30)

“Some wonders started inside you just like a stomach-ache. Some started outside things when you saw, smelled, heard, or felt them.” (85)

“When you climbed to the top of Beacon Hill and looked around you knew that the school geography was right after all and that the world was really round.” (102)

“They thought English and Canadian people as slow and stupid as we thought the American people uncomfortable rushers.” (119)

“Victoria stood like a gawky girl, waiting, waiting to be a grown-up country.” (129)

“Rain, rain, go away / Come again another day / When I cook and when I bake / I’ll send you up a patty-cake.” (164)

“Vancouver and the Sound cities were too busy growing to waste time on visiting.” (201)

“Victoria and Vancouver were always rivals and made jealous faces at one another.” (201)

“So stands tranquil Victoria in her Island setting—Western as West can be before earth’s gentle rounding pulls West east again.” (206)