Tonight, I taught my first yoga class. Rather, my first class to a group of strangers, a high school boys basketball team. It feels like I’ve been planning this four-week series for months. I did research about basketball and yoga, the best poses for the sport, famous players who practice. Our schedule was thwarted by snow storms and school closures. Finally, we started tonight. I went in with a plan.

Then I threw it out and just taught from my mat. I looked around the gym, and I could see what their bodies needed. I became a yoga teacher tonight when I sat up there and just knew what pose I had to teach next. As many times as my teachers told us it would happen, I didn’t quite believe it until tonight. I’m already a teacher in my day job. That wasn’t what I needed from yoga teacher training. I needed the language, the vocabulary, the knowledge. Now I know I can walk into any yoga class and teach what my students need.

Now I’m excited for what’s next.