My daily yoga practice recently has been a gentle yoga practice. In the morning, I stretch while I’m still in bed, on my back, slow circles of my wrists and ankles, spinal twist to the left, then right. When I get up, it’s a full body stretch, up to the sun (even on grey winter days) and down to the ground (or carpet). It might sound simple, but simple is what’s working for me right now.

Small goals are the best goals. I have big ideas, but they only work in my head. Life works best for me if I break it down into the smallest piece. I know that if I try to run through an hour of yoga (including pranayama, asana, meditation), I won’t make it. I’ll find an excuse to give up. But if I can do a few asanas in the morning, five minutes of meditation during the day, a pranayama routine before bed–if I can break it down into small goals instead of one big one, I know I can do it. I can do more.

My favourite thing before I go to sleep is ten minutes on my bed with my legs up the wall. It’s one of the core restorative poses, a way to rebalance your circulation, and calm your nervous system. Sometimes, I read while I’m lying there. I could almost fall asleep. It’s a single pose, but it makes a big difference.