The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

“Going sane feels just like going crazy.”

Week 1: Recovering a sense of safety

  1. Write “I [name] am a brilliant and prolific artist” ten times.
  2. Write down all the blurts, the negative reactions to that sentence.
  3. Turn them into positive affirmations.
  4. Get up early and write three pages longhand.
  5. Take yourself on an artist’s date.
  6. List three old enemies of your creative self-worth.
  7. Pick one old enemy and write the horror story.
  8. Write a letter in your own defense.
  9. List three champions of your creativity.
  10. Write a thank you letter to one.
  11. List 5 imaginary lives. How can you live a little bit of each one?
  12. Go for a 20 minute walk outside.