Instead of starting over from scratch, I smushed all my old blogs together into this one. I’ve been online since 1996, started my first blog in 2002, and now I’m here, with my name dot com. This is the last time I’m moving (lol), so I might as well bring everything with me.

I really like reading my own writing. I know some writers who can’t, but after enough time has passed, I can read a story I wrote and enjoy it like I didn’t. The whole reason I blog is to remember this stuff, my life, the books I read, the movies I watched, the cities and friends I visited. To remember, I have to go back and look. This is why I keep a paper notebook, too, and why they sit, in chronological order, on my bookcase.

You can scroll back through the archives here and find posts from Tumblr, from Wordpress.com, from past domains, and soon, from Livejournal, too. I’m going through them all, slowly, deleting some, tagging others, general digital cleanup. This is 20 years of my life on the internet. It hasn’t been a waste of time. Look at all the things I made.